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In this section you will find studies issued by the INSETE.
Date of issue Description
March 2018 Outlook 2018 - Prospects of inbound tourism to Greece in 2018
December 2017 Greek Tourism - Developments & Prospects, issue 4
September 2017 Who goes where? How long do they stay? How much do they spend? Analysis of inbound tourism by Region and Market
July 2017 Greek Tourism - Developments & Prospects, issue 3
May 2017 Long-term employment trends (1983-2016) in Tourism and in the other sectors of the Greek economy
January 2017 The Contribution of Tourism to the Greek Economy in 2015
January 2017 Greek Tourism - Developments & Prospects, issue 2
December 2016 Employment in tourism and in the rest of the economy, 2009 - 2016
October 2016 Beaches as a resource in Greece
July 2016 Greek Tourism - Developments & Prospects, issue 1
March 2016 International Airport Arrivals in Greece:
2015 outcome and 2016 planning (slots)
February 2016 Overcoming Seasonality in Tourism:
Limits and Challenges – a blueprint for Crete
November 2015 Design of a comprehensive strategy for the development of the tourism sector -  
Specification of the actions emanating from the National Tourism Strategy Plan
Executive Summary
November 2015 Comparative assessment of the tax framework governing tourism businesses in Greece and internationally
November 2015 Strategic Analysis Tool to Evaluate Sustainability of Tourism Products and Services
October 2015 Who is our Client?
July 2015 International arrivals in Greece 2013 & 2014 - an estimation based on administrative data
July 2015 Estimation of the Distribution of Revenues from Incoming Tourism, with respect to the part remaining in the country and that re-exported abroad
July 2015 The Tourism Perspective on Health Tourism
July 2015 The contribution of tourism to the Greek economy in 2014
January 2015 VAT Increase on the Greek Hotel Industry: Economic Impact Assessment