SETE Regional Offices

Due to its role as a social partner, SETE has already delivered a comprehensive development plan to the government: The 2021 Road Map for Greek tourism, setting out tourism product categories in which Greece has a comparative advantage, target markets and attractive market sectors, as well as appropriate policies for attracting them and, finally, investments required for supporting infrastructures, broken down in detail and spatially distributed.

Based on its operational plan, SETE is intensifying its presence in five regions to achieve better coordination and direct contact with the regions and municipalities of Greece, based on the belief thatthe best way to provide immediate solutions while advising and cooperating with the State on a primary and secondary level is to ensure that SETE functions as a link between businesses and the State.

The main goal of SETE's regional offices is to develop a network to promote quality and support for businesses, professionals and employees in the tourism sector through:

  • supporting, developing and enhancing the competitiveness of tourism enterprises,
  • strengthening the operational capability of SETE's regional sectoral associations by supporting, producing and formulating positions and proposals to individual sectors of interest and creating the necessary networks and corporate relations with agencies and organisations at a regional, national and international level,
  • implementing strategies for local empowerment,
  • providing know-how and disseminating information to the local community of tourism and production units and
  • implementing projects that boost tourism development in the regions.

The regional offices are founded within the Human Resources Development Operational Programme-NSRF 2007-2013, and will serve as a tool for both local businesses and for regions and municipalities on issues relating to tourism from both a supply and demand aspect.

The five offices initially established are the below

SETE Regional Office of Central Macedonia

SETE Regional Office of Central Greece

SETE Regional Office of the Ionian Islands

SETE Regional Office of the Peloponnese

SETE Regional Office of the South Aegean